High Speed ​​Train Simulator 3d: Weifang to Laizhou High Speed ​​Railway

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至中少玩家:本作品由于文件太大无法上传在scratch官网,为了将该作品面向于老外开放,故设置该作,老外将会通过重定向来到这里,如需游玩原作请玩本作品的原版,谢谢。For foreigns:Control method: ↓Accelerate, ↑Decelerate, ←Neutral coasting, space bar for emergency braking. Long time no see everyone, I'm an old duck. The Weilai high-speed railway is in Shandong and was completed a few years ago. This line has changed the history of no high-speed railway in my hometown. In this game, you will play the role of an EMU driver during the peak period of the Spring Festival travel season, driving the Daguo Heavy Equipment Renaissance Cr400bfc, galloping at a speed of 250kmh on the Weilai high-speed railway with a length of more than 200,000 meters between 5 stations On the land of Qilu. The game body is 56mb, and it takes a long time to load. A single play time is about 50 minutes. In order to achieve the simulation effect, this game has added the recording of China Railway ATP prompt sound and departure inspection. Please control your volume before playing. Finally, Lao Ya wishes you a happy game, and also sends you New Year's blessings in advance :). Praise Shi Qi.



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